Fæða | Food 2019-20


                                                           ISSUE 2019-20 IS OUT!

Tímaritið Fæða- Food fjallar um íslenska matarmenningu í víðu og frumlegu samhengi.
Blaðið er 140 síður og er bæði á íslensku og ensku.

Fæða ⎜Food is the first and only magazine (bilingual in Icelandic and English) about food, fun and food culture in Iceland.

Ef þú gerist áskrifandi þá færðu nýjasta Fæða Food á aðeins 1.970 kr. (í stað 2.900 kr.)
Áskrifendur borga svo eitt blað í einu og er því engin binding. Á hverju ári kemur út eitt matarblað / tvö til þrjú blöð Í boði náttúrunnar / og mögulega ein „óvissu“ aukasending! Hver sending kostar 1.970 kr.

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Appetising in print

Iceland’s culinary scene is prospering and a new print magazine is perfectly poised to spread the word.

“I’m not sure that outsiders realize how young Icelandic cuisine is,” says Gudbjorg Gissurardottir, the editor (as well as the publisher, marketing, sales, advertising and subscriptions chief) behind the handsome new Icelandic magazine Faeda/Food. “The changes that have taken place in our cuisine in the past 20 to 30 years have been enormous. We went from very basic food and people rarely eating out to having a Michelin-star restaurant in Reykjavík.” The bilingual publication is an endearing and intimate portrait of a food scene in flux. Tourism has outstripped the Icelandic population, with 1.4 million expected to visit this year, making this publication – a strong editorial voice on a fast-changing culinary landscape – more important than ever. Expect equal portions of sumptuous photography and the finest new products and openings, plus a peppering of folklore about the country’s enigmatic but flourishing food.